How long will the clock last from the date of booking?

Wait 24-36 hours for a fee to be approved. After confirming the payment, your product is repaired. Finally, quality checked and then packed. For free delivery, you will receive this package within 7-10 business days. If you want to send it from the UK office, please send it to us within 10-14 working days of payment.

Quality and warehouse

You don’t have to worry about quality. They provide AAA standard watches. The increased clock is 90% the same as the original clock, the same weight.repwatches.me. has confirmed the watch information with you, there will be professional testers who can check your duplicate watch in detail. This ensures that you get the best same clock. As for the warehouse, all the Rolex watches have been retained. For goods of other brands, you can visit the repwatches.me .My website or contact them directly.


Before paying, you can choose different shipping methods according to your needs: DHL or EMS. Generally, it takes 3 ~ 5 days to receive DHL same clock, 7 ~ 15 days EMS. The exact time varies depending on where you live. Once the payment is confirmed, they will verify your address and see the information with you within 2 ~ 3 days—repwatches.mewill set up an expert to test your watch after confirming the news. So be patient and read your emails carefully. If there is a problem, it will fix the problem before sending the same clock.

Rate of payment and transfer

 I have the most advanced payment methods: credit card, direct bank transfer, Western Union, PayPal, and more. 

Rotation rate

Different currency exchanges are associated with exchange rate fluctuations and cross-border fees during international payments, so there is a difference between the money you pay and the actual fee, which is normal. In addition, some issuing banks may pay a certain amount of money. Therefore, it is only natural that the payment amount should be slightly different from the actual amount.

How to adjust the strap?

If it is a leather strap, it is best to get it in a watch shop to avoid nailing it by yourself, or if you have a hole punch at home, you can fix it directly. For the adjustment method of the chain watchband, now place the watchband flatly on the thimble of the watch remover and rotate it directly.

Time deviation of a mechanical watch

It is normal for mechanical watches to have errors. In the case of full winding, the fast/slow time does not exceed 60 seconds, which is in line with normal standards.
If the travel time is too slow, check the reason.
The first is to check if it is caused by insufficient kinetic energy. Rotate the meter a few times to see if there is a time error. If the time error is still large, then contact us to make an appointment to check whether it is caused by the internal looseness or damage of the movement.